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Muammar Kadafi foi prá fita, adiós!!!!


MUAMMAR KADAFI governou a Líbia com mãos de ferro, e foi, por mais de 40 anos, o maior carrasco de seu povo, mandando matar gente apenas pelo prazer de ver o tombo.
Independente do “modus operandis” deste facínora, aí está o triste final de alguém que se julgava Deus!!! :-(

Osama Bin Laden foi prá fita!!!

OSAMA BIN LADEN was a son of the Saudi elite whose radical, violent campaign to recreate a seventh-century Muslim empire redefined the threat of terrorism for the 21st century.

With the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, Bin Laden was elevated to the realm of evil in the American imagination once reserved for dictators like Hitler and Stalin. He was a new national enemy, his face on wanted posters, gloating on videotapes, taunting the United States and Western civilization.

He was killed on May 1, 2011 by American military and C.I.A. operatives who tracked him to a compound in Pakistan and shot him during a firefight.

President Obama announced the death in a late-night televised address to the nation. “Justice has been done,” he declared.

The United States had been trying to kill or capture Bin Laden since it launched an invasion of Afghanistan in November 2001. The next month, he escaped from American and Afghan troops at an Afghan mountain redoubt called Tora Bora, near the border with Pakistan. For more than nine years afterward, he remained an elusive, shadowy figure frustratingly beyond the grasp of his pursuers and thought to be hiding somewhere in Pakistan and plotting new attacks.

When he was hunted down, Bin Laden was killed not in Pakistan’s remote tribal area, where he was long rumored to have taken refuge, but rather in in the city of Abbottadad, about an hour’s drive drive north of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, raising new questions about whether the Pakistani intelligence services had played a role in harboring him.

Long before the Sept. 11th attacks, Bin Laden had become a hero in much of the Islamic world, as much a myth as a man — what a longtime C.I.A. officer called “the North Star” of global terrorism. He had united disparate militant groups, from Egypt to Chechnya, from Yemen to the Philippines, under the banner of Al Qaeda and his ideal of a borderless brotherhood of radical Islam.

After the attacks, the name of Al Qaeda and the fame of Bin Laden spread like a 21st-century political plague. Groups calling themselves Al Qaeda, or acting in the name of its cause, attacked American troops in Iraq, bombed tourist spots in Bali and blew up passenger trains in Spain.

To the day of his death, the precise reach of his power remained unknown: how many members Al Qaeda could truly count on; how many countries its cells had penetrated; and whether, as Bin Laden boasted, he sought to arm Al Qaeda with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Still, the most devastating blow to Al Qaeda may not be the death of its founder, but its sudden slide toward irrelevance as the youth of the Arab world took to the streets in early 2011 to push for democracy, not the Islamic caliphate that was Bin Laden’s goal.

The Hunt’s Final Months

The big break came in August 2010.

A trusted courier of Osama bin Laden’s whom American spies had been hunting for years was finally located in a compound 35 miles north of the Pakistani capital, close to one of the hubs of American counterterrorism operations. The property was so secure, so large, that American officials guessed it was built to hide someone far more important than a mere courier.

What followed was eight months of painstaking intelligence work, culminating in a helicopter assault by American military and intelligence operatives.


Vale lembrar que o “fanatismo religioso” não morre nunca!!!

Portanto, agora a vigilância terá de ser triplicada, principalmente nos Estados Unidos, pois vem mais atentados por aí. Barack Obama agora está por cima da carne seca!!!
Meu Deus, até quando aguentaremos estes terroristas???? :-(

Eleições no Iraque

Este homem mostrou seu polegar com marca de tinta após votar na cidade de Sinjar, a 390 km ao norte de Bagdá.

As eleições no Iraque aconteceram ontem (31/janeiro) e devem renovar as assembléias regionais nas 18 províncias do País.
Sinal dos novos tempos? melhor esperar prá ver! :-D

Meio irmão de Saddam também foi prá fita

Como já era de se esperar, Barzan, meio irmão de Saddam Hussein e o juiz Al-Bandar, ambos da mesma tropa de elite do “TIUKI NORS” do Iraque, foram enforcados hoje, sendo que Barzan teve sua cabeça decapitada, ocasionando um forte indício de violência e vingança. Fonte terra.

Pescoço quebrado

Imagem capturada do novo vídeo que ” vazou ” na Web mostra o pescoço de Saddam Hussein quebrado após o enforcamento. < Fonte: terra>

Saddam Hussein, herói ou maldito?

Documento autorizando o enforcamento…

Confirmado que Saddam Hussein foi executado por enforcamento, hoje às 06,00 horas da manhã em Bagdá, no Iraque, 01,00 hora em Brasília.

Herói ou maldito? Somente o tempo responderá a esta pergunta!!!

Veja os videos abaixo:

Clique aqui e leia maiores detalhes

Julgamento de Saddam Hussein

Colocaram até o Lula no meio…
Haja criatividade!!! :-D